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Rene Lunshof is a Dutch Freelance Cameraman who is specialized in ENG camera work. He does a lot of work for news networks like RTL News, EditieNL and FOX Sports, which are broadcasting nationally in the Netherlands. Therefore his days never look the same and he’s always on the move.

'When you’re lucky enough to travel for your job on a regular basis, you’ll probably recognize this problem. Which gear should I bring with me, and how? The logistics of it all is the biggest pain in our line of work, at least that’s my opinion!'

I am Julien Lambert, a French Belgium-based cinematographer. I work on different projects such as documentaries, movies and commercials. I was lucky enough to work on Marjorie Cauwel’s new documentary entitled 'Le poids de l’Antarctique'  (The weight of Antarctica) for two months in December 2018 and January 2019.

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