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Making a movie - The Story of camRade

With camRade being an official brand for protective bags and cover for cameras and production gear for more than 20 years already, we thought it was time to give you an impression of what kind of company we are, how much care is put into the production of our camRades and when these products are at their best. The idea of making our own movie was born!

First thing to do was finding a cinematographer who could help us make a film that could reflect us and our products in a high quality manner. We soon ended up with Joas Burggraaf (IMDB profile), a Dutch DoP who is a true perfectionist and takes control of the entire process of making a film. We can identify with his way of working and have in common that we are a small company with great ambitions and a clear vision of what we want to achieve.

When we worked out the screenplay together with Joas, we agreed on setting a certain mood for the film, using specific lighting, filters and working with slow motion and macro shots. The next step was finding the perfect locations and actually start shooting the movie!

Making a Movie blogimage04
First location was Chartres France, the town where our factory is nearby. A beautiful town with a lot of history we could use to set a real French vibe. Followed by some charming shots inside the factory where the products are actually made by hand. The only thing done by a machine is the cutting of the fabric.

The second part of the film is making sure you get a good idea of how strong and practical our camRades really are. We’re thankful for the help of some of our filmmaking friends who were happy to lend us their time and equipment. When Joas sent us the edited and color-graded version with the music score added, we were amazed by the result!

Making a Movie blogimage02
We hope you enjoy watching the clip as much as we did making it for you!


Cinematographer Joas’ favorite gear list for this project:

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
Zeiss CP.2 Prime Cine Lenses
Laowa 24 mm Macro Probe lens
Black ProMist ¼ filter
TVlogic F-7H monitor
Atomos Sumo M monitor
Kessler Shuttle Dolly slider
PAGlink Batteries
PAGLink Charger
camRade audioMate Compact
camRade camBag HD Large (Grey and Black) 
camRade tripodBag Traveler
camRade wetSuit ARRI AMIRA

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